Chicago 250

Festivities Thwarted Chicago Terrorized

Superhero Team Averts Mayhem

Daily Star
by Jimmy Dugan

Taste of Chicago, Grant Park, Chicago. The entertainment festivities for the Taste of Chicago ended in tragedy yesterday as the Black Harlequin struck yet again terrorizing the citizens of the windy city, killing several people in his mad wake of mayhem. The Taste was winding down in usual fashion, complete with Music and dancing from the Chicago Interpretive Dance Troupe when Mayor Jayne came to center stage to speak. One eyewitness reported that police in the area began to collapse then transform into some grotesque lizard creatures whose bite would infect victims turning them into lizard creatures as well. Luckily Black Arrow and Mentalis were on hand to dispatch the lizard creatures before more in the crowd were infected.

Mr. Jayne was also attacked by Black Harlequin’s minions, Stars and Stripes but were thwarted by yet another figure. One onlooker overheard the “hero” speaking in third person, apparently referring to himself as “Slamma”. This Slamma averted the attacks on Mayor Jayne from Stars and Stripes and bounded away with the mayor, who later reportedly issued arrest warrants for his rescuers. Slamma then returned to the chaos of the Taste left by Black Harlequin.

Just as the lizard creatures were finally subdued, Harlequin reared up and in his diabolical fashion, found new ways to victimize the innocent citizens of Chicago. Disguising citizens as himself, Harlequin baited the super trio to attack, critically wounding one and killing another before the villain could be located. Thanks to quick work by Mentalis, the clown was finally located in the largest of several robotic contraptions which began to attack shortly after the lizard creatures were put down. With deft arrow work from Black Arrow and righteous acrobatic rage by Slamma, the clown barely escaped the onslaught of what seems to be in this reporter’s opinion, the newest heroic team-up in Chicago. Are there others or are these three heroes facing the ire of city hall and the evil supers of the city on their own?

Official reports are yet to be published but at least seven police and six citizens were transformed by Harlequin’s concoction. Two of the creatures were killed in the fight and the others were caged in hopes of finding an antidote to Harlequin’s evil cocktail. As noted previously in this report, of the innocents who were disguised by Harlequin one perished and one remains in critical care, both were shot by arrows.

The Chicago Interpretive Dance Troupe announced that they would be unable to continue business as all senior dancers were transformed into lizard creatures. Pending an antidote the Troupe has suspended operations.

Three heroes to face the ire of city hall and the evil of supers who threaten this great Midwestern metropolis. With the anti mask campaign keeping would be heroes at bay, could this band of morally ambiguous friends be this city’s salvation? Let us hope so and let us hope that here are others who may join them, despite what city hall might do.


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