Chicago 250

Excerpt from Dr. Accum's Journal

Exodus – Day 210
I hate magic. If you would have told me it existed before I started to try and do this job, I would have laughed in your face. I’m a scientist. I believe in what I can touch, see, smell, or hear. I believe in what can be explained with natural law. I’m not sure I can explain what happened today in that way.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. I have put together a couple of new things since the last time I teamed up with the Chicago 250. I have been working very hard at analyzing the compound that was used in the mist and pretty much everything else we have been trying to stop. There is something missing. I get to a certain point, and then…nothing. If it is beyond me, then I need some sort of super-genius to get on this. I’ll keep plugging away on it though.

Anyway, I found I needed a little bit more defense the last time I went out. I have worked on a small force field that is built in my belt. It is still a bit experimental…as is everything in my arsenal at this point. It should provide even a little mental defense. I really need to work on something more permanent for that.

Offensively, I have worked on a new explosive pellet. In the middle of the warehouse incident, I realized I did not have anything to use against robots or anything else that way. I also add a “bang” factor to my flash pellets. Finally, I add a pellet that should drain some willpower. I thought this might work against magic users. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to try that out tonight.

We went on patrol tonight. Slamma Jamma and Mentalis took the low road, Yeoman (or Black Arrow, Black Bow, or whatever else Slamma calls him) and I took the high road. We heard a scream, and I swung down to investigate. It was a scene right out of a bad B-movie. A horde of zombies were making their way toward a corner where a lady was standing. Around the outside of them were a couple of figures dressed in red robes (which, by the way, were the same style as Mentalis’ robe. I’m just saying…) I grabbed the lady and swung up to another building to get her out of the way. (And now I get all the wisecracks about picking up a woman on the street corner. Methinks they doth protest too much.) I started to lob some of the pellets down at the zombies…but they did not seem to do much. I may have to increase their output a bit.

Yeoman was great. He took out what seemed to be the main guy from what seemed like a mile away. Slamma waded in and kicked some major zombie butt. Even Mentalis put up an ice shield (which is something new for him.) Me…still lobbing pellets. I was about ready to switch tactics and pop a Hulkinium pill when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A hooded figure sneaked into the building Yeoman was raining destruction down upon. His robe looked familiar. It looked like the very robe Malsvari (one of the Misfits) wore. I figured we could use his help…or that he was already onto something, so I swung down to investigate. After nimbly dodging a drunk that had tried to smash a bottle on my head, (the force field works, buy the way), I made my way inside.

My father use to tell me, “Son, never assume. It will make an @$$ out of you and me.” I wish I had followed that advice. Thinking it was Malsvari, I walked right in and said, “Stop..what are you doing?” in my best “hero” voice.

It wasn’t Malvari.

It was darkness…with a skeletal face, and he unleashed Hell upon me. A swirling, inky darkness flowed from him and over me. I felt it eat through my skin…even with the force-field on. That means it wasn’t mental, physical, or energy based….there must be something else out there. I found myself on the ground, writhing in pain, when a pharaoh-type guy came in and started to attack the darkness. I took a regenorist pill, which definitely helped, and started to try and help the pharaoh…even though I know I had seen him fight against the Midwest Guardians. Right now, it was a case of the enemy of my enemy is an ally. I used one of my acid pills on the skeletal figure. It did some damage, but, once again, did not seem to be powerful enough. I was about to try a tangle pellet on him when he threw up a bone wall in front of us. This made the Pharaoh mad as he yelled that the shard would be his. I knew we had to get through the wall quickly, so this time I did take the Hulkinium and tore down the wall. Boy, did that feel great. The only thing is, Skeletor was gone…and he left a big hole in the floor. That made the Pharaoh mad, and he left the building…disappearing and leaving his henchmen behind. Interestingly enough, when Skeletor left, the zombies collapsed. Obviously it was his power that kept them going.

I knew there was something that had gone on in that basement, so I went down and took a Pastatrin…even though I knew I was pushing my body’s limits at this time. I have to be careful…I don’t want to become addicted to the pills. The pill worked even better than I though it might. It took me back to the golden-age of heroes where people like the Silver Arrow and Crimson Crusader were guarding the city. In fact, it took me to the time when there group had their last battle together. The sorcerer I had seen had been normal then, and was in the midst of a ritual. The Crimson Crusader’s team broke in, and tore through the ritual…which caused a loud bang. The sorcerer turned into what he is today, and everyone but the Silver Arrow and Crimson Crusader were killed in the explosion. I can see why Crimson Crusader was driven to drink…and it also means the Silver Arrow is around somewhere. We are going to have to talk to both of them about the incident. I have a feeling there is something huge afoot.

I have to write down a couple of things to remember for tomorrow before I go to bed:

1. I have to come up with something more powerful to use against magic users. I need to find Malsvari. He may be able to help me with some defenses.

2. I need to find Silver Arrow. We have to find out more about this “shard.”

3. I need to go through my pill inventory, to see if there is something I can switch out that may help more in this case.

4. I wonder why the robes of Skeletor looked so much like Malsvari’s…and why did Mentalis’ robes look so much like those guys’ with the zombies.


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