Chicago 250

Mayor Jaye and IHA

Institute for Human Advancement to give Chicago Police Department a 10 million dollar grant

by Jimmy Dugan

The IHA announced yesterday that it would donate $10 million dollars to the CPD for help in improving and expanding their MARS units. This gift was an unprecedented amount and came on the heels of Gravitar’s, the gravity manipulating mutant, attack on Chicago’s new banking district.
IHA president Archer Samuels said that good cities like Chicago and its citizens should not be at the whim of every super villain or mutant who decides to visit it. That is why they are starting a pilot program to help fund tech and weaponry improvements to police forces around the country with Chicago being the first.

Mutant activist and headmaster at the Chicago Lab School asked where the organization might have gathered so much money to give away to Police departments around the country.

Police Commissioner Jeffery Andevers brushed aside all of the criticism and comments stating that his department would gladly receive the money and put it towards funding expansion, training, and equipping MARS officers.

Mayor Jaye commented, “The monetary gift by IHA will be just another step in creating a self reliant city that doesn’t need masks to protect it.”


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