Chicago 250

Note of Dr. Accum sent to B.

Dear B.,

I feel like I am standing on the edge of a knife. So much has gone wrong, and the mysteries deepen – expand. I feel as if I’m about to fall off into a realm of darkness where my only hope is to become the darkest being there…not the light I hoped to be when the Exodus happened.

There is something about this new mayor and the IHA. The Hunter (that is what Yeoman is going by now) and I went to a rally thrown by the IHA. They took interest in us. The next thing you know, I am drugged, kidnapped, “forced” to do some analysis of some different compounds, and then having my escort killing herself rather than being captured by the Hunter.

I wanted to go back to figure out what else was going on there, but the Hunter didn’t want to until he found out his cyberneticsist project head had been taken. This was even after we had captured someone tailing me. Long story short, we actually ended up going back…when money was involved.

It was a disaster inside for me. It started out okay, but getting hit by three assault rifles at the same time tends to ruin your evening…even with a working force field. Luckily, the Hunter took out a lot of the competition. I was able to make the chemical stash blow, and we got his guy out. It was only on our way out I figured out there were more holding cells. Who knows what is in there.

It’s not right, B. The pills have been working, the gas has been working, but not as well as it should. I think I have subconsciously been holding back. I’m afraid of what might happen. Will I make the same mistake as Jekyll?

If something goes wrong, B., let them know I had good intentions.

Robert Accum


Corefire kjays74

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