Black Paladin

Knight of the Crow


Mystically-powerful “Knight of the Crow” whose soul is as black as his enchanted armor.


Long ago, in the time of good King Arthur, one of the greatest enemies of Camelot and the knights of the Round Table was the House of de Morphant, a family of French knights so black hearted and cruel that people said Quand il pleut, le monde pleure pour les mefaits de Morphant (When it rains, the world is weeping for the de Morphant’s deeds". And the most wicked of all the scions of Morphant was Giles, known far and wide as the Black Paladin for his dark armor and even darker soul. Many of Arthur’s best and strongest knights came against the Black Paladin only to have their bloody heads sent back to the King. With his mace Broyeur D’Espour (“Crusher of Hope”), his terrible sword Consammateur des Ombres (“Eater of Shadows”), and an enchanted suit of armor that let him vanish from one spot and appear somewhere else, the Black Paladin was virtually invincible.

Black Paladin

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