Slamma Jamma

An acrobatic brick who happens to be a former Circus of Crime member


Slamma Jamma grew up ostracized by his peers due to his size and low IQ. When he was in high school he ran away from home to join that proverbial circus. It was while he was working in the Millini Circus as the Strong Man. Max Millini the Ringmaster and several others talked him into joining their Carnival of Crime. However, Slamma was arrested by Captain Chicago during a bank robbery, after only a year of working with the crew. He was sentenced to 5 years but was let out after three for good behavior. It was while he was in prison that he decided to

Caught by police and arrested for crimes based on theft from the University of Chicago. An unknown informant notified the police of his whereabouts.

Slamma Jamma

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