Adam Fogg

Brilliant chemist whose experiments have led him to a life of crime fighting.



Characteristic Total Roll
STR 10 11-
DEX 15 12-
CON 12 11-
BODY 10 11-
INT 18 13-
EGO 15 12-
PRE 10 11-
COM 10 11-


OCV — 5
DCV — 5
ECV — 5

Phases – 3, 6, 9, 12

PD — 3/23 (0/20 rPD)
ED — 2/22 (0/20 rED)

Running – 6"
Swimming – 2"
Leaping – 3"


Dr. Accum’s Journal

Exodus – Day 1
They are gone now. They saved the city from Reverend M, and then simply disappeared. Nobody knows where they went or how long they will be gone. I’ve decided to keep a journal during this time. I have a feeling things could become very interesting.

Exodus – Day 10
It didn’t take long. Mayor Nightly is out and Mayor Jaye is in…riding a wave of anti-mask sentiment. It is interesting to me to see how soon the masses forget what has happened. Instead of being thankful for groups like the Midwest Guardians, they blame them for all the problems that now engross the city. One of my colleagues here in the University of Chicago’s Science Department calls it the “Law of Heroic Attraction.” He says the superheroes simply attract the villians.

I don’t think that is true.

The crime rate has steadily increased in the scant few days since the Exodus. The criminals know there is nobody to stop them. The media continually bashes any mask that makes themselves known…and now Mayor Jaye has teamed with the IHA to push through a registration act for the city. Any mask is going to have to register…or be arrested.

Exodus – Day 15
A lot of us thought this day would never come. They passing of what is being dubbed the Anti-Mask Law (AML) is being celebrated today. The Mayor is definitely a happy man, and so is the IHA. Meanwhile, the streets continue to become worse and worse. I wish there was something I could do, but what can a Chemistry professor do?

Exodus – Day 16
It came to me in the middle of the night. I could not sleep, so I started to read some of my favorite pulp fiction stories from when I was a kid – Thomas Wilfred: World Adventurer. He was using his gas gun to get out of another tight jam when it hit me – that is something I could do. It is simple chemistry to make the pellets.

Exodus – Day 19
I’ve gotten several different pellets to work. I have a knock-out gas pellet, a glue pellet, a flash pellet, and even a fear pellet. I can use a regular paint gun to launch them and I’ll wear an old gas mask my grandfather used in World War II. I think I will go out and test it tonight.

Well, it worked, sort of. I went in to stop a gang fight with my new paint gun’s hopper filled with different pellets. The problem? You can’t select the which pellet you are going to fire. The glue went first, then a flash…I wasn’t quite ready for that. I may have to do something to the lenses in the gas mask. Everyone ran…even the victim. I think a scared everyone…even myself. All in all, not bad for a first night’s work. Better go to sleep…have a big lesson in organic chemistry class tomorrow.

Exodus – Day 26
The paint gun was not cutting it…and frankly, it did not exactly instill fear in the heart of criminals. Plus, it was hard to do much with my hands when I’m carrying the paintgun all the time. I started to design a bracer that would launch the pellets…and will allow me to chose the pellets to shoot. It should be done in a week.

Exodus – Day 30
Bracer is done. Going to try it out tonight.
The bracer works well. The new lenses I put in the mask work well, too. Used the flash pellets to destract a group escaping after breaking into a bank. I then used the knock-out gas and left them to the cops. Almost didn’t make it out of there before the cops came, though. Have to figure out how to get around town faster.

To be continued…

Adam Fogg

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