Ion Corp

I on corp

Abbreviation: ION
Primary Operation: Aerospace & Defense
Primary Competitors: Lockely International, LKT, Quest Industries, Montgomery International, ASRC Corporation & Harmon Industries
Worth: $575 billion
Main HQ: Minnetonka, USA
Head: William Marsh, President

ION Corporation was founded in 1984 by Air Force Veteran William Marsh to provide a variety of scientific, engineering, and manufacturing services to its clientele in the public and private sector. Through it’s ongoing professional efforts and cumulative expertise, ION has consistently and efficiently provided high-quality products and services delivered in a timely, cost-conscious manner without fail. ION Corporation is also an aggressive, aerospace firm specializing in the build of flight hardware to customer requirements, engineering services, research and development, software development, serving the aerospace, defense and communications industries.

Some of our current projects involve developing flight systems for many of NASA’a orbital jets and satellites. Additionally we are currently developing earth to orbit aircraft for use in commercial endeavors.

“ION’s mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations in quality and delivery of affordable products and services through innovative engineering design that will lead to a revolution in state of the art aerospace technology.”

Ion spaceship

Ion Corp

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