Montgomery International

Montgomery international

Abbreviation: Montgy
Primary Operation: Multicomglomerate
Primary Competitors: Lockely International, LKT, Ekron Engergy and Oil, Quest Industries, & Harmon Industries
Worth: $575 billion
Main HQ: London, England
Head: Randall Montgomery, President

Randall Montgomery left for Europe at the tender age of 17 in a desperate attempt to leave behind the memory of his mother’s death at the hands of Mechassassin. Randall’s father Collin and his brother Michael were the superhero duo Stellar Paladin and Crossbow. Randall blamed both of them for his mother’s tragedy and decleared that he would never speak to them again. Five years later Collin and Michael first learned the whereabouts of Randall as he emerged from hiding as the president of a relatively small but lucrative research company. Over the next several years Montgomery International became a force to reckon with in the European business world. He bought up company after company and developed one marvelous invention after another. Several times his company was brought up for unfair business practices and once for even selling to nations such as Iran, Chiquador, North Korea and Legendu. However all charges were dropped when the witnesses recanted their stories or were unable to come forward any longer.

Montgomery International is a corporation on the most massive of scales. Its subsidiaries own subsidiaries and possibly no one in the world, even Randall himself, can possibly know everything the company is involved with. Of recent the company has made several in roads into America. Randall started by buying up his father’s company secretly and then firing his father and his brother. Shortly thereafter he built several facilities in Millennium City and now has several offices and research facilities in the Chicago area. Many investors speculate that Randall will start to go after Harmon Industries and Quest Industries. If he can buy up one of these companies then his hold on the American economy will be firm.

Montgomery International

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