Quest Industries

Quest industries

Abbreviation: QST
Primary Operation: Scientific Research Lab
Primary Competitors: Lockely International, Montgomery International, & Harmon Industries
Worth: $7.5 billion
Main HQ: Chicago, USA
Head: Dr. Jonathon Quest, President

Quest Industries was founded by famed scientist Dr. Jonathon Quest, inventor of questonite metal and the Quest Armor. Quest Industries is an advanced research firm that has scientific research facilities located in over 50 cities world wide. Quest Industries scientific research has lead to some of the major breakthroughs of the late 20th century.

Quest Industries major office is located in Chicago in the loop. The company was instrumental in the rebuilding project. It offered its help at almost no cost to the city and gave the city rights to use some of its state of the art green technology. Many critics have stated that the use of the technology in a major city like Chicago gave the company media exposure and increased its revenue from other like minded cities and countries buying the technology. However, Mayor Knightly stated many times in press conferences his thanks for Quest Industries continues support for the city.

Of late the company has been involved in a high stakes competition with the large company Montgomery International. Randall Montgomery has recently placed offices in Chicago to up the ante.

Quest Industries

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